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Why King Kit

When it comes to model kits there's no better than King Kit

Welcome to King Kit, experts in a wide variety of model kits, from car model kits to ship and aircraft. With over 23,000 kits in stock, we are sure that we'll have something that's right for you.

All of our kits are of the highest quality, coming from renowned model kit expert brands including; Italeri, Revell, Airfix and even Tamiya model kits, meaning that we'll be sure you'll be happy with the quality received in your model kit when delivered. 

Struggling to choose the right supplier?

Choosing the right supplier can be difficult. Especially when ordering online. It's important to choose a supplier who will package your product in a manner that ensures no damage in transit, while also using a network of reliable suppliers who get your product to you in a reasonable amount of time. Luckily we offer both. 

As well as offering quick yet reliable service, we also use the most trusted suppliers that we have used ourselves for many years, such suppliers include Italeri, Revell, Airfix and many many more! 

When choosing the right model kit supplier it is important to consider a wide array of factors including; 

  • Do they package their products correctly?
  • Do they check their used model kits before sending?
  • Do they use industry-trusted model kit suppliers?

Fortunately, we pride ourselves on offering the above and much more on all of our products both used and brand new!

Interested in discovering more? Please feel free to browse our wide collection of over 23,000 model kits, or if you can't find what you are looking for please get in touch, our team will try their hardest to find whatever you are looking for!

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